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Use your own media, create multi zones displays, enrich your content with external data sources

Drop and manage your media in a public Media Store (shared by all users) or a private Media Store (local content management). Media4Display supports all types of media content: images, videos, PPT, PDF, HTML, Flash, IPTV…Users can create slides allowing them to define the composition of a screen. These slides can contain an unlimited number of media zones. Each zone is associated with a type of media and are independent of each other.Each media zone or banner can display content from external data sources in real time (RSS feeds, CSV/XML files, data bases).

Sequences, Planning, centralized management with optional " local content management"

A sequence is a set of slides/media that will be displayed on your screens network. Media or slide broadcasting may be conditioned on a date/time or external information (stock level, prices…).Each sequence can be planned « in a loop » or for an immediate broadcast on all screens or a specific group of screens.A centralized communications department (or its communications offices) can manage all broadcasts on remote screens. It can be used also to delegate the broadcast management entirely or partially to local contributors (office or store manager, etc.) corresponding to different hierarchical levels.

Scheduled display, Interaction, Statistic, compatibility ( LCD, LED, OLED, Projector, Ledwall, etc..) Player ( PC, tablet, POS terminal, setup box, HDMI key, interctiv kiosk ... )

More information, see datascheet or website "Telelogos"


Solstice POD generation 3, the universal wireless collaboration solution

The Solstice Pod provides industry-leading wireless collaboration that improves meeting start-up times, participant engagement, and meeting room productivity.

Solstice supports a broad range of room configurations and is fully IT-compliant, enterprise-secure, and scalable to any number of spaces.



TV Studio

3rd TV studio created by AVapplication, including interactive BIGPAD/whiteboard monitors, 2 PTZ cameras, a « Crestron" centralized management system with a monitoring touchscreen, image/sound recording, live streaming, videoconference and a lecture room interacting with other rooms.


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