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Videoconference room

"Cisco" videoconference room, including "MXA serie Shure" digital ceiling multi-microphones, “Sharp” 2x70’’ pro monitors, “Crestron” management system with 7’’ touch panel, wireless video connection, digital audio system, feedback eliminator, echo cancel, processing DSP and light control.


Listed room

2x listed room (prohibition to mount AV equipment on walls, ceilings or floors) including WUXGA projector 4000 ANSI lumen on table lift with mirror, sound system included under the table, basic management system “Kramer” ( 8 buttons), AV wired table connection box + universal power EU/UK/GE/USA/JP/SW/CN, wireless image/sound connection.


Partition room

Meeting room with partitions – 30 people – Pro monitor « Sharp » - 60 inch + LED projector 6000 ANSI lumen “Panasonic” + screen 300x190cm (140 inch) + management system “Crestron” with touchpanels 7’’ + light & blind control + HiFi ceiling sound system with DSP processing ( Feedback eliminator, echo cancel, delay, etc.), auto detection partition open/close rooms 1, 2 or 1+2 ( common or separate AV distribution)

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