"Shure" Microflex Complete - up to 500 people

In legislatures, international conferences or executive boardrooms, taking on issues of all sizes begins by getting the key delegates to talk and be heard so they can make decisions that affect every citizen. But bringing a variety of voices together can create communication challenges. From a 20-person board meeting to an international conference of thousands, Microflex® Complete keeps the conversation productive.

How It Works

Designed to keep meetings on course, Microflex Complete provides an efficient, effective experience for leaders and participants alike. Powerful features like voting, agenda, interpretation, and identity verification ensure every talking point generates results. With best-in-class audio, powerful software, and seamless integration, you get a system to match nearly every situation, style, or purpose. 

Why It’s Better

Integrates anywhere

With a variety of portable, flush-mounted, and modular conference units, installation is easy, no matter the location.

Pure signal

Shure CommShield® is built into Microflex Complete to reject RF interference from ever-present smart phones, keeping the focus on the meeting.

Scalable solution

Get consistent sound quality and control whether it’s in the boardroom or the ballroom, for dozens or thousands.

Dependable tech

No single point of failure. Redundant loop cable topology prevents one mishap from taking down your entire system.